Management policies concerning expired domains

The registered domain is owned by each client, and the client may manage it at any time by sending a simple request by email.

Whether or not our Domain Registration and Hosting clients choose to renew their domains, we renew all of the domains in order to prevent the loss of the domain or an interruption in the hosting service.

When a client decides not to renew their contract with us, we follow the following timetable for the release of their expired domain(s):

  1. The customer has 42 days to renew their hosting service or just the domain without penalty, according to the current rates below:
    Annual Rates for Domain Registration:

    • Domains for customers with Hosting: FREE
    • Additional Domains for hosting customers: $15
    • Domains for customers without hosting: $30
  2. If the hosting service or domain registration has not been renewed after 42 days, the domain enters what is known worldwide as “Redemption Time” – all registered companies in the world handle this policy the same way, but with different rates. In our case there is a one-time fee of $80, in addition to the normal annual registration fee for the domain. You have up to 1 year to complete this process.
  3. After 1 year the domain will no longer be registered, and any person or company in the world can register it.