We are a company that offers since 1998, the following services:

We specialize in creating original web pages.

We offer different hosting plans with real space.

At MiHost.Com we tailor Systems Development and Web Applications to your specific needs.

Our E-Commerce service focuses primarily on doing business electronically.


Boosts your sales adapting your website to all devices.

With a responsive or adaptive web design we will obtain a correct visualization of the same page in different devices (PC, Tablets, Smarthpones)


Our company has received numerous international awards for quality and business excellence.

Best company

MiHosT.com is Internationally Recognized as Costa Rica’s Best Web Design Company “The Bizz Awards”


We have many years of experience and more than 500 clients in different countries, mainly Costa Rica, Peru, Panama and USA.


Our team is made up of professionals specialized in different areas and we walk along with the new technologies.


Our E-Marketing service allows you to market your website, through our following services:

Platform for E-mailing, Banner advertising, Pay Per Click Advertising on Google and various search engines to redirect potential customers to your website.