Anti Spam and Bulk Mail Policy

MiHost.com does not tolerate spam (unsolicited email), because this causes the IPs of our servers to be blacklisted, which hurts our customers hosted on the affected server.

When an IP is put on an anti-spam list most emails sent from the affected server will be blocked by the target servers: for that reason and to guarantee excellent service to all our customers, we will immediately suspend the service of the client domain that causes any of the IPs of our servers to be put on anti-spam blacklists.

We also do not allow the sending of bulk mail, because this consumes many resources of the server used, making the server slow and unstable, possibly to the point of crashing: the main purpose of our hosting service, is for our clients to have a website and to manage their email accounts for communication and advertising. Our servers allow a maximum of 350 emails per hour for each domain, which is within the normal use of any person or company. There are companies that provide specialized services for sending bulk emails.

The difference between spam and bulk mail is that spam is unsolicited email for advertising and bulk mail is sending thousands of emails to a database of subscribers that previously agreed to receive emails from the sender (there is a link in each email to unsubscribe at any time). Neither practice is allowed on our servers.

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