Online Backup Service

Protect your documents from any unforeseen by making an off-site backup on our servers, completely safe from Viruses, technical problems, human errors, unexpected power cuts, among other risks that the information may receive on a PC or a removable disk. With MiHost Backup you will always keep a secure copy of all your documents.

MiHost Backup will make a first copy of all your documents and later of all those new files and the differences of the files that you enter because it saves all updates by date and most importantly fully automatically and without your intervention.


Client Access:

With MiHost Backup you will always have the contents of your computer anywhere, using a password provided by the network administrator, Forget about loading with hard drives, memory drives or any other device that may be damaged or lost, you only need a computer with internet connection and you will instantly have all the documents that you stored in our secure servers. Wherever you are, with MiHost Backup your documents will always be with you, when you decide.